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Living Water uses the latest in pool chemistry. Backed by science and experience, Living Water combines natural minerals and enzymes that work synergistically with very low levels of chlorine to keep your pool clean, clear, and silky smooth all year long without the harmful side effects of high chlorine levels. 


Other pool services use a traditional combination of chlorine tablets, chlorine shock, Muriatic Acid for pH control, Sodium Carbonate and Bicarbonate for alkalinity control, and Lanthanum Chloride for phosphate and algae control. Most of these chemicals are very harsh and hazardous to handle. Depending on how much is needed, it can also cause your pool to be unusable for a day or more. 


When chlorine combines with organic matter a chloramine is created. Chloramines are the strong smelling chlorine molecules that make your skin itch, as well as burn your eyes and throat. Often, after chlorine disinfects and oxidizes contaminants, it leaves behind a DBP – a disinfection byproduct. Some of these include chloroform, Cyanogen chloride, and Haloacetic Acids. 


Living Water uses alternative methods for removing these contaminants. We use a process that creates an atmosphere where only the bare minimum of chlorine is needed to kill bacteria and viruses. This reduces the production of DBP’s and makes your pool healthier to swim in. 


Traditional pool maintenance methods can also lead to high Cyanuric Acid levels which lower chlorine’s effectiveness and can damage your plaster or other surfaces.  Excessive and frequent use of Calcium Hypochlorite (traditional pool shock) leads to calcium scaling and water hardness.  


Living Water's method of pool care leaves your pool feeling soft and silky while maintaining a chlorine level that is less than tap water and a pH level that is very close to the human eye; which, in turn, reduces the harsh effects that chemicals can have on the skin and eyes while also protecting the longevity and beauty of your pool.


Contact us today to make your pool safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for you and your family. 

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