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The Dream


Living Water Custom Pools is a company built on vision. To achieve a dream in your backyard that you and your family can wake up to every day starts with a solid relationship and a commitment to excellence. To build your dream backyard can sometimes be a nightmare. We have all heard of the horror stories about 6 month to a year build times, little or no communication, low quality stonework and even pool builders taking the money and trust of their clients and leaving town.


To create your dream backyard is not an easy task.  It takes the right people and materials coupled with the right construction process.  It starts with an award winning designer who can paint a masterpiece with the canvas and paints that you provide.  


You can expect to receive the most stringent standards of excellence with Living Water Custom Pools. We specialize in designing one of a kind pools that are easy to maintain.  Your back yard environment can be designed to fit any style or size without ever compromising on construction excellence.

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